Vogue Magazine : The World 's Top Most Influential Fashion Magazine

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1. Introduction Vogue magazine is the world’s top most influential fashion magazine in the world. How did a magazine like this become so popular and worldwide famous. Vogue magazine was found in 1892 by Arthur Turnure. When it was first founded the idea for vogue was not about high fashion it was about celebrating the ceremonial side of life it had sections for art and literature. It included social affairs and sports targeted for men as well as women. Now, since Anna Wintour became editor in chief it is now primarily for woman as there is no sports section no literature or social affairs, it is just about fashion and has adopted the name as the world’s number one “fashion bible”. 2. Findings 2.1 Vogue: At the beginning: Originally Arthur Turnure was the founder of vogue from 1892 to 1904. After Tunures death Vogue was bought in 1905 by Condé Montrose Nast. This is when Vogue started to get recognized as a global brand. Publication grew after Condé Montrose Nast took over this brand to a weekly publication. Nast wanted to market overseas and make Vogue known to the world and started marketing overseas in 1910, 6 years later Vogue was published in Britain for the first time. At this time Vogue covers were still in drawing format, it was not glamorous photographs on the covers today. From 1911 Vogue had gained a reputation that is still intact by providing for the élite, and this was also the year the included a wedding section. By 1920 Vogue was published in USA,
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