Voice Interview Essay

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I interviewed a male over sixty years of age. He does not have a voice disorder, but he is at risk for developing one. Along with his age, his past has contributed to increasing his risk. His environmental factors have also increased his likelihood of developing a voice disorder. Between his choice in careers and his interests, he has misused and abused his voice. His childhood and military services have put him at risk. During his youth, he played many sports; these include football, wrestling, and baseball. The weight-training and conditioning put some strain on his vocal folds. He played these sports for eighteen years. After graduating, he went into the Navy and served for three and a half years. He then went into the Army Reserves and served for twenty-four years. While in the reserves, he also worked for ten years making bronze grave markers. After retiring from the military, he started working for FibAir/ Superior Fibers, a fiber glass filtration manufacturing plant. For the first twenty years of his employment, the company did not use an oxidizer. This caused a blue “smog” to rise from the ovens and contaminate the air. The “smog”…show more content…
He doesn’t have any hoarseness or breathiness. He can sustain a long vocalized /a/. Based on my perception, his voice sounds normal. Since he doesn’t have a voice disorder, he doesn’t have a way he manages it. There is also no impact on his life. My only recommendations would be to quit smoking and rubbing snuff. Most of the damage has already been done. His leisure activities now aren’t stressful and don’t include heavy lifting. The thing I learned from my experience is more about his life. I previously didn’t know some of this information, and it was nice to get to know him a little better. As for helping with my understanding of voice disorders, I am now more aware of how people’s voices sound and hearing changes from their norms if I hear them
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