Voice Of Freedom: Article Analysis

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The class textbook, written by Eric Foner, starts out by talking about Reconstruction, focusing on freedom and what it entails. Looking at two Voices of Freedom, one is called “From Petition of Committee in Behalf of the Freedmen to Andrew Johnson (1865) (Foner, 450). The other one is called “From a Sharecropping Contract (1866) (Foner, 451). Both of these articles are based off of land and sharecropping. The petition that was presented to Andrew Johnson of the right to obtain land should have been passed because slaves got the short end of the stick when it came to ownership of land and other rights. The first Voice of Freedom is about President Andrew Johnson in 1865. Andrew Johnson seemed like a hard-headed man. Just like Foner states, “Johnson proved unsuited for the responsibilities he shouldered after Lincoln’s death. A lonely, stubborn man, he was intolerant of criticism and unable to compromise.” (Foner, 454). This means Johnson wanted things his way and only his way. Johnson wanted the land that was given evenly to the freed slave to be exchanged back to the former owners as it states in the Voice of Freedom. A petition was brought up to Johnson about it from the slaves and he denied the request of doing so.…show more content…
This contract comes about from former slaves who became sharecroppers. These sharecroppers are defined as “…landless workers-often former slaves-farmed land in exchange for farm supplies and a share of the crop.” (Foner, A-90). This contract was formed for the sharecroppers stating the duties they needed to perform and certain problems that may occur, there will be a price to pay for it. Sharecroppers signed the bottom of the contract and had to agree to whatever was on the contract. It was only the beginning for what they were getting
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