Voice Of Voice Over Internet Protocol

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When Voice over Internet Protocol was being introduced, it was perfectly engineered to work using the existing model and infrastructure without bearing huge cost. VoIP uses Internet Protocol to connect, transmit and terminate the calls. Most of the industry is using VoIP services to connect their offices locally, in different cities and in different countries. VoIP enables User/client to place a telephonic call to their offices/friends/families. This paper will focus on how VoIP works and what are the security concerns. Also the industry’s concern about Quality of Service (QoS) and will discuss about threats in general.

IP is used for data communication and for “Voice Dialogue” exchanged between two parties, is also carried on the same data network. Data network could be a private network (Local offices within a city or many cities in the same country/region and also using IPLC’s to connect other countries/continents) or on Internet by creating Hard/soft VPN tunneling in between the offices. In general discuss it is considered on the Internet only but it being used by creating point to point connect using Wireless or only data connectivity between two office. Using Internet to transmit VoIP traffic is very inexpensive as compared to Local data connectivity or using your IPLC. Phone calls are placed using VoIP over any kind of data connectivity. The simplest way of VoIP communication is, when both the parties can receive and make calls using internet.
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