Voice Recognition Systems Essay

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Voice Recognition Systems

At the beginning of the Twenty-First century we are experiencing an informational revolution. The whole business world is changing as a result of new technology, including new ways of entering data into computer systems. Gone are the days of spending long hours in front of a computer typing word processing documents and emails or punching numbers into a phone. Voice recognitions systems are at the forefront of data-entry technology. Through voice recognition systems and voice interfaces, users can input data into a computer, retrieve data from a computer, and direct the processing of computers simply by speaking a few simple commands. The systems then use speech synthesis, or the
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The first voice recognition systems were mostly used in the work place and users had to use code words to communicate with them. Like the early speech synthesis devices, voice recognition systems also used DSP technology. They only had a single port voice processing board, which made them difficult to use and very inaccurate. Only the highly computer literate used these systems (avatech.com).

The next systems that were introduced to the market had two port voice processing cards, which improved accuracy and precision. The four port processing cards on current systems allow the user to talk to the computer using few code words because the systems recognize more speech patterns (avatech.com). Because of improved accuracy, wider availability, and lower cost, more people are using voice recognition systems now than ever before.


Like any other technology, the introduction of voice recognition systems into the mainstream product line and business world has eased the lives of users but has caused some issues to arise. A main issue is the cost of the systems. Originally, systems were expensive and only large businesses could afford them. Now, though, software can be purchased for about $20.00, which is affordable for private use. Another issue is the computer system requirements needed to support the software. Most products recommend a 200-300 MHz processor and 256 MB SDRAM; therefore, a user must have a recent
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