Voice Recorder, By Charlie Victor

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Charlie Victor Romeo, cockpit voice recorder, is a modern theatrical documentary derived entirely from the Black Box transcripts of six notable concrete airline emergencies. In this engaging and intensifying documentary, Charlie Victor Romeo positions the audience into perspective of being inside a tension-filled cockpits of authentic flights in distress, which proposes an intriguing representation of the sensibility in a mid-life crisis and a person’s life at jeopardy. The six transcript samples of previous voice recordings came from various air flights and incidents such as flights American 1572, American Eagle 4184, Aeroperu 603, USAF Yukla 27, Japan Air 123, and United 232. The film primarily portrays a significant purpose of entertainment and political motives, but also highlights the issue with aviation safety and the usage of air tragedies to depict it along with the considerate lack of communication and organization established. Thus, to establish an epidemic, catastrophic disasters must occur to generate great awareness for the issue, so for a similar disaster to not transpire again. The play opens with a flight attendant demonstrating the airplane precautions, safety procedures and reminding passengers to fasten their seat belts and to turn off all cellular devices. Before each new airline scene played, the film displays the name of the flight, location of trying to land, and number of passengers and crew members that were on the flight. To present danger within

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