Voices From The Street : Exploring The Realities Of Family Homelessness

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Gultekin, L., Brush, B. L., Baiardi, J. M., Kirk, K., & Vanmaldeghem, K. (2014). Voices From the Street: Exploring the Realities of Family Homelessness. Journal of Family Nursing, 20(4), 390-414. doi:10.1177/1074840714548943 The purpose of this study were to conduct focus groups with homeless mothers and their case workers in Detroit, Michigan, to explore the pathways into homelessness, to understand the day to day experiences of living in shelters, the process of rehousing, identify real and perceived barriers of homeless families attempting to reestablish stable housing, and to understand the impact of the homeless families’ complete health and welfare. The design and sample of the study were a simple qualitative and descriptive design and consist of seven caseworkers and twenty-one homeless mothers and broken into four focus groups. 90 minutes semi-structured interviews were used during the focus groups for data collection. The analysis of the data collected from the focus groups of homeless mothers identified four predominant themes that illuminate these women experiences with homelessness: Pathways to and the meaning of homelessness, daily shelter life and the rehousing process, impact on health and well-being, and personal needs and wants. Then the analyses of the data collected from the caseworkers were evaluated to find similarities and differences of perceptions, which lead to several significant findings that included the following; reports of family histories

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