Voices Of California Essay

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On Friday, there was an event where guest readers would read their works to the UC Merced campus. The title for the readings was “Voices of California: Tell Me a Story”. The event featured three different readers, who were Micah Perks, Brynn Saito, and Optimism One. Each reader had different genres of writing. Each of the readers will tell us stories that involved California, implicitly and explicitly. They will take us on a journey that will allow us to explore the wonders in writing and how we can use it to our benefits.
The first reader was Micah Perks who is an American writer and memoirist. The story she read was called “There Once Was a Man Who Longed for a Child. The story focused on a man who had to live by himself after his daughter left for college. As he began to live by himself, he
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She read a variety of different poems. One of the poems was called What’ll It Be. The poem is about a woman warrior who is drinking whiskey in bar. Before this occurred her hometown was burned by six hundred men. She eventually fled her home and found love. But, then she lost it and found herself at the bar drowning herself in alcohol. Another poem that she read was Intergenerational. The poem is about a woman warrior who is thinking about justice. As the woman look out to the moon, the woman knows how slow time is, even after many years. Women continues to love men and men continue to love. Love would continue to be a tool to mend those who are hurt. Brynn Saito also reads a poem that she wrote about a nerve injury. The title of the poem is Things I Never Knew I Love. The poem was about an individual who found that one’s body is precious and should be love. The person found such meaning due to an incident that may have almost to its life. The person also begin to find love for everything as it relates to the body. From the individual life changing experience, the person found what was more important in their
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