Voices of Freedom Chapter 1-4 Essay

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Chapter One
*Pg. 3

1. According to Adam Smith the discovery and colonization of America affected the economic development by the increase of its enjoyments and augmentation. The surplus produce of America, imported into Europe, furnished the inhabitants of this great continent with a variety of commodities. 2. By uniting these countries they are also able to relieve one person’s wants and increase another’s enjoyments. They are also able to encourage on another’s industries, which is why Adam Smith believed the benefits outweighed the misfortunes.
*Pg. 6 1. Some of the things Morton admires in the life of the Native Indians includes; homes, trade relations, society, and religion. They were very generous amongst one
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2. Hakluyt felt by reducing Spain’s power would allow commodities to become cheaper, plant a sincere religion, and provide a safe and sure place to receive people from all over the world. Unlike Spain forcing the people to flee for the truth of God’s word.

*Pg. 26 1. By sending women to Virginia, the Virginia Company seen a promotion to create families. If they kept their town with all men the town would eventually be distinct without reproduction and reserving families. 2. The company asks for the women to marry landowning men so these men can maintain them.

*Pg. 28 1. Members of the Catholic or non-Trinitarians would be excluded from toleration under Maryland Law. 2. The major reason for religious toleration was to gain religious freedom and allowed specific religious groups to practice their religion without being punished.
*Pg. 31 1. John Winthrop describes two types of liberty: Moral and Natural.
Natural liberty leads to the evils in the society and make individuals even worse, because it allows everyone to do what they please, good and bad. Moral liberty, which Winthrop agrees with, is defined by rules, laws, policies of society and help in the development of society. When he compares woman in his speech he is saying women must obey a certain way and live under rules of others. 2. Natural liberty leads to evils in society, because we would be living under no laws or regulations and everyone is allowed
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