Voip ( Voice Over Internet Protocol )

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Student Name: Seyedbabak Rezai

Student Number : Q10928669

Faculty: Maritime & Technology
Level of study: 4
Course title: Bcs Computer Systems and Networks
Unit title: CNP400
Assignment title: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
Assignment tutor: Jomo Batola
Word count: 1000
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It is very important to know what type of connection is suitable for the users to communicate.
VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a service that allows users to interact, send and receive the users voice. VoIP is considered as a service and in order for it to function correctly; the network administrator must consider the entire users situation. This service allows us to make phone calls to land lines and mobile phones around the world over Internet packets.
Like anything else, VoIP has its benefits and drawbacks and ways to improve the service. A solution is introduced as IRIS at the end of the research with a conclusion.


Voice over Internet Protocol has the same result as a normal telephone line but the main difference is in the architecture design. VoIP services communicate over a digital network rather than traditional telephone line. Data is being sent and received as “packets”. Packets are not encrypted and other users might be able to listen to the users conversation. In this case the administrator needs to set the servers default to encrypt the packets.
When two users are having a conversation on the phone, bandwidth is very important. Normally a VoIP service that has been installed on a GSM network uses 531 Kilobytes/min (or 8.85 Kilobytes/Sec) of the networks bandwidth. From this, we know now this service cannot take place on a 56 kbps dial-up
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