Voir Dire Essay

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Voir Dire is the process in which potential jurors for a trial will either be eliminated or kept in the final juror panel for the trial. [1] The process of voir dire has three main steps and they are questioning, challenges for cause, and peremptory challenges. [2] During the questioning step, the actors of the court, which they are the judge, defense, and prosecutor attorneys will have an opportunity to have a conservation, question, and observe the panel of potential jurors. [3] The main purpose of questioning the potential jurors is to identify those jurors who have an interest about the outcome of the case, those jurors who might be related or might have and affiliation to any of the parties involved in the case, find out if any of the jurors have any prejudice that will conflict with…show more content…
[3] It is very important for the actor of the court who is questioning the potential jurors to make the panel feel comfortable and keep in mind that some of them might not be comfortable answering some questions in front of others. [3] Therefore, the questions should be open ended in order to try to find out who might be a good juror and who will not and who is trying to hide something. [3] It is also recommend to have a paralegal who can assist with taking notes during the questioning so that the actor of the court making the questions can only focus on that tasks and it can also help the jurors feel more comfortable as well. [3] The notes taken during questioning should include names and descriptions of each potential juror as well as how they answered the questions, what were they doing during questioning, their body position, and were they talking with other jurors among other descriptions. [3] This will help the attorneys or the judge later when they decide which juror will be part of the trial and which will not.
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