Volcano And Its Effect On The Volcano

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Volcanoes are amazing formations that erupt liquid rock, called lava from below the earth 's crust. Clouds of hot ash burst out, sending rocks flying through the air. Volcanoes being what they are, also pose a huge threat to everybody surrounding them. Too many people get hurt or even killed during an eruption. The fear of a volcanic eruption is not only a worry for many people living around the volcano, but even by people who live miles away. The lava and ash can be destructive for many miles surrounding the volcano. We need solutions in understanding when a volcano is about to erupt in order to prevent the accidents and tragedies that so often occur when volcanoes erupt. What Is a Volcano? A volcano is a large structure that is formed when magma, also known as lava from the earth 's mantel, a deeper layer of within the earth, rise up to the surface. This process of the magma building up takes millions of years. When the physical structure of a volcano is formed, the magma is still rising into a magma chamber, that exists below the volcano. Eventually the pressure of the gases from the magma buildup and escape the chamber causing the volcano to erupt. Volcanos form because the earth’s crust is broken into 17 major, rigid tectonic plates that float on a hot layer of the earth 's mantel. Another way that volcanoes form is from the stretching and thinning of the earth’s interior plates. Volcanoes usually don’t form where two tectonic plates slide past one another.
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