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Volcano Bingo Review

Every since bingo began gaining popularity, its presence online has turned into something totally different. Years ago, bingo sites were totally slapped together and not competitive at all. But today, any bingo brand that wants to make it really has to play their cards right and make the game fun and fancy for all. One of the many names out there trying to compete is Volcano Bingo. Its debut was a little tough, but they have been working hard to work out the kinks and make it an enjoyable experience across the board.

Volcano Bingo definitely isn’t the biggest bingo name out there, but sometimes gems are hidden. So, let’s see what this bingo brand really has to offer, and let’s see if the gameplay at Volcano Bingo is really as explosive as the name suggests.

Design & Usability (4/5)
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There are very few restrictions, and most of the action of the game is still available in this format.

Safety & Security (5/5)

You don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to security with this particular bingo site. Volcano Bingo is regulated under the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and this is fully trustworthy. There are also audits on the games hosted regularly conducted to make sure all of the gameplay is totally fair here.

Variety & Originality (2/5)

It’s really a shame that most of the website for Volcano Bingo isn’t much to boast about, because the presentation of the games here are absolutely beautiful. All that the site offers is 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, and there are only a couple of jackpot and special games to keep things interesting too.

Not only is there a lack of real actual bingo, but there also aren’t many slots or mini-games to go along with it either. The variety in the game is definitely lacking, so there isn’t all that much to look forward to

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