Volcanoes In Costa Rica

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There are three reasons why Costa Rica is the most beautiful ever found. This tiny green 51.100 km2 piece of land is the house of imposing volcanoes, amazing beaches, and a refuge for birds. Across the country, Costa Rica has five active volcanoes, it has more than one hundred fifty beaches, and more than nine hundred species of birds. The twenty five percent of Costa Rica are protected areas, this allows visitors to have a better experience in contact with nature. The following paragraphs are a compilation of relevant aspects about the volcanoes, beaches, and birds of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has more than two hundred volcanoes but only five are active. The five active volcanoes are Turrialba, Rincon de la Vieja, Poás, Irazú, and Arenal. However, the three volcanoes which have been making eruptions during this 2017 are Turrialba, Poás and Rincon de la Vieja, these three volcanoes represent a danger to the habitants but at the same time are so attractive for tourism. In the other hand, the other two volcanoes Irazú and Arenal have not been making eruptions since 1994…show more content…
People around the world come to Tiquicia for birdwatching. In this piece of land have been recorded over nine hundred eighteen species of birds. Hummingbirds are the most extended population we have around three hundred species are able to see in this country. The rain forest in Monterverde is the house of many hummingbirds, besides that; there it lives the quetzal which is one of the most beautiful birds because of its colorful feathers. Some other tourists prefer to go to Caño Negro wildlife refuge where they can spot the Jabirus, which is the largest bird in Central America. For many birdwatching lovers, just walking in the middle of the forest and breathing fresh air and listening to the concert of lots of birds give for free are worthy enough to say that you had a wonderful
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