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How Successful were the Nazis in Creating a Volksgemeinschaft? To simply answer the question, the answer would be that they had very little success in creating their ‘National Community’. Between the years 1933-39 the Nazi party set upon an idea of creating their own race of racially pure Germans, an Aryan race. And to do this they had to remove all the people they had thought of as unfit and against what they saw as the Aryan race, and create a Volksgemeinschaft. Volksgemeinschaft was a people’s community, where everybody was equal in race. The Nazi party was prepared to go to extreme lengths to ensure that they got this racially pure race, killing unfit Germans was a solution. Hitler wanted a community joined only by blood and race,…show more content…
Hitler wanted his race to have no weaknesses. If women didn’t work, there would be increased family allowance and the honour Cross of German Mother Hood. Woman would be offered extra payments from the Nazi’s if they were to stay at home and create these Aryan race children, mothers were rewarded with money for the work they did. This was all introduced in order to entice Women from the work place back to there home’s and to have babies. Increasing the population was a well thought out plan for the future made by Hitler; he did have long term plans for himself and Volksgemeinschaft. Then the Nazis had to prepare for the future and the future of Germany was the youth. Many organisations like the Hitler youth and the league for German Maidens were set up to teach the youth to follow the Nazis. In the Hitler youth they were taught like the military, neat, tidy and organised. The youth saw Hitler as a father figure in the fatherland and obeyed him. Then Hitler used indoctrination in the education system to recruit them into the army as loyal Nazis. There were subtle Nazi views added into all school work to brainwash the youth, as they were naive and didn’t see the wrong side of the Nazis true nature. The future of the people’s community was successfully secure and the Nazis would keep control for years to come. During Hitler's efforts to create the Volksgemeinschaft he encountered several problems, regarding the people resisting

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