Volkswagen Golf Car Consumer Behavior Analysis

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regent's college – ebs-l | Consumer Behavior Analysis | Volkswagen Golf car | | | Table of contents Objectives 3 Introduction 3 Terms of references 4 Findings 4 1. A profile of the likely target customer segments for the product. 4 A. Presentation of the Company and product 4 B. Likely target customer segments/segmentation bases 5 2. External factors that may influence customers 8 A. Reference groups 8 B. Non commercial sources 8 C. Socio-cultural influences 8 3. A typical chronological buying process 9 A. Basic buying process model 9 B. Motivation 11 4. The company's current marketing mix tactics 11 Product 11 Price 12 Place 12 Promotion 12 5. Recommendations 14 A. The environmental issue 14 B. The brand…show more content…
It is the highest-selling segment: 4.381.000 units of this segment were sold in 2005. This segment is also very often called the 'small family car' and is the most popular one in Europe. When thinking logically, looking at the car shape, its segment and the types of people featured in the Golf ads, I am going to define the several possible targets through the demographic, geodemographic and VALS segmentation theories: * Demographic segmentation The demographic segmentation enables to define the different targets through factors such as age, gender, income range and family life cycle. All these factors helped me to identify the following target groups, but I also used the wide price range of the Golf to do so. The price of the Golf ranges from £12,055 (basic retail price, 3 doors, minimum equipment, no options) to £32,190 (5 doors, most expensive model, all options)(Source: Golf models and price lists). So the people buying a £12,000 Golf car will not correspond to the same target as people who can afford an all-options one. Therefore I identified the different targets by their position on the buying price range of the Golf: - Bottom-of-the-range models: The buyers at this level of the range coulf be defined as young people, or 'young adults', 25-30 years-old, both genders. They are young and single or at least not married and bought the Golf

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