Volkswagen Is A German Car Manufacturer That Has Changed The World Essay

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Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer that has risen to become the second largest player in the motor vehicle industry in the world, behind Toyota. The organization has approximately 590,000 employees that produce 41,000 cars daily (Bowler, 2015). The organization currently owns 12 subsidiaries that have enabled it to have a significant market share around the world (Bowler, 2015). In addition to producing passenger jobs, it produces Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Scania, Man and Lamborghini. The organization was championed by Adolf Hitler who wanted to give German’s their first family car. Futhermore, Ivan Hirst, a British army major saved it from destruction since it was expected to be destroyed as part of the war reparations. The significant history of the organization as well as its impact in the world, were undermined by a revelation that it had cheated in emissions tests. The admission followed allegations by the Environmental Protection Agency that some cars sold by the company in the United States of America had devices that could detect when the emission standards of the car were being tested. In response to this detection, the devices then proceeded to implement effective invention measures that produced desirable results. The organization had implemented a major marketing campaign in the United States of America that was designed to increase its market share in the country. It had also trumpeted its low emissions as a major selling point in an attempt

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