Volkswagen Is Guilty Of The Clean Air Act

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Volkswagen Case

Almost always, when a new product is released, some sort of problems will occur. In 2013, Volkswagen was ranked first in its section on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. During that year, Volkswagen scored an 89 out of 100. VW became one of the top competitors of sustainability within the automotive industry. However, in the early 2000’s, diesel engine manufactures such as VW had been submitting questionable data. Many of the VW vehicles had been violating the Clean Air Act. In order to understand the case, it is important to analyze how Volkswagen is guilty of greenwashing, how the company and situation relates to the 3 levels of Social Responsibility, as well as discussing whether Volkswagen will be able to
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In the early 2000’s John German suspected that the data being submitted from diesel engine manufactures was very questionable. With more research, in 2014, the EPA accused VW of violating the Clean Air Act. The data showed that VW’s Jetta and Passat were as much as 35 times the allowable emission levels. The car’s emission levels were compared to that of an 18-wheel truck. This means that Volkswagen, regardless of them saying the vehicles were sustainable and environmentally friendly, were not telling the truth. This ultimately is the sin of fibbing. As with every company, there are 3 levels of social responsibility. The first being Profit responsibility, the second being Stakeholder responsibility, and the third being Societal responsibility. Profit responsibility is described as the simple duty of companies to maximize profits for their owners or stockholders. Stakeholder responsibility focuses on the obligations an organization has to those who can affect achievement of its objectives. Finally, Societal responsibility refers to the obligations that organizations have to the preservation of the ecological environment and to the general public. I personally believe that Volkswagen has pursued Profit responsibility and Societal during the beginning but not towards the end. I would say that both of these responsibilities relate greatly in VW’s case. Volkswagen was pursuing the Societal aspect during the early years of sustainable research
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