Volkswagen Logo History

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The Volkswagen logo is a household image that is known on an international level. In over seventy years, the logo has not changed a great deal and has stood the test of time. What most people do not know how ever is it 's lush history dating back to Hitler 's reign to current day with law suits debating the original creator of the logo. In short, the Volkswagen logo is memorable, scalable, and effective without color. In addition to discussing the evolution of its design, what makes a good logo, and my opinions on it, I will also discuss the historical background of the logo and the company itself. Although the design itself is very recognizable, I would say the history behind it is more intriguing.

Brief Volkswagen History

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A successful logo should work both with and without color. This is important because a lot of the time, the logo will be used across all mediums. For example, it could be carved in wood or made with metal. Scalability is another great attribute in a successful logo. Whether the logo is on a tag under an inch in size, or on a billboard, it should be legible. Lastly, the logo should obviously be relevant to the industry the company is involved in. This might seem like common sense to most, but a lot of ineffective logos out there really don 't fit the current trend or design sense for said industry. With that being said, all these points are just my personal opinion and will come up later when I start discussing the evolution if the Volkswagen logo.

The First Design

The very first Volkswagen logo was developed in 1938 and was actually the result of an office competition. Franz Xavier Reimspiess, an employee of Porsche, created the first logo during the logo design competition within the company. He was given a one time payment of 100 Reichsmarks (about $400). Reimspiess was also the engineer who perfected the actual engine for the first Beetle 's in the 1930 's. The initial design done by Reimspiess and the current 3D design they use today really is not that different for having so much time go by. The initial logo indeed contain the “V” sitting on top of the “W” in a bold sans-serif font that is still used today.
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