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VW of America 1. Define acronyms BPTO, DBC, ITSC, PMO, NRG and explain. Elon Musk could not have worked at VW of America because of all the acronyms they use! VW of America (VWoA), however, fully impressed the acronyms and created many. Here are some of the most important ones:  BPTO = Business Process, Technology, and Organization. It was created by Matulovic when he came to VWoA from VWAG. Which is a group that will help govern development processes and help clarify what the projects aim to achieve. It hopes to turn the fire drills that are occurring into proactive planning and execution.  DBC = Digital Business Council. This is a group of representatives from eBusiness teams that will assess projects, what type of project it is, what…show more content…
That way it wouldn’t be a battle each year to prove the importance of your project. Additionally, another step in the right direction would be to have a second review process. For all the projects that aren’t approved in the initial process, there is a second review process. These business leaders can supply additional details into why their project is important and how it will address a business goal. From this second chance review, projects may or may not make the cut, but at least the business leaders feel like they were given every opportunity to get their projects approved. A real risk is that a smaller project doesn’t get approved until it’s critical for the company or something has happened and it turns into a fire drill. These smaller projects may be hard to explain or hard to judge until it’s a critical state. I believe the criticisms are justified, but this is the first year the process has taken place. There is going to be push back and the leaders at VWoA should have anticipated it. I think providing more insight about the long term goals of the organization and how certain projects fit into that strategy will help some of the critics. This new process is an improvement over the previous process, but I don’t think it’s a finished process, but rather a step in the right direction. 3. Who controls the budgets from which IT projects are funded at

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