Volkswagen : The Outrageous Corporate Scandal Of 2015

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Volkswagen: The most outrageous corporate scandal of 2015
There is a very fine line between what is morally right or wrong. As a student of this subject, I believe it all depends on a company’s ethical conduct that how likely it’s going to perform in the long run (Bob Worcester, 2007). The ‘week 4’ assignment enabled me introspect myself and bring out some of the core ethical values which I believe are inherited by me and should be inculcated by all business leaders. These core ethical values are honesty, fair/rational behaviour, dedication, emotional intelligence and bravery. Sometimes, values such as honesty and rationalism can be difficult to abide in all situations but such ethical practices build grounds of trust and loyalty with people who take interest in the business such as staff, external competitors, shareholders, customers and other entities (Chron. Alyson Paige). When employers deal honestly and rationally with their staff, employees are motivated to drive the business forward. Creditors and investors express confidence by funding company development and consumer confidence is positive. As a consequence, their organizations will have a greater chance at achieving longevity and profitability (Jean Thilmany, 2007).

But, when it comes to profit making, desire to get ahead of competitors or just to capture a larger market share, even the greatest market giants such as ‘Enron’ can be easily driven to adopt an unethical conduct of business (Chris MacDonald, 2006).…
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