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Voltaire’s Letters on England is a collection of written documents that Voltaire wrote between 1726 and 1729 on his experiences he had while staying in England. After its publication in French in 1734, many people of French ethnicity saw it as a bashing of the French government, and even a little bit on the Catholic religion. Voltaire does seem to be fairly favorable towards the English in his letters, which is understandable after he was exiled in his homeland of France multiple times. In many cases Voltaire saw in England what he wished to see in France. In England, Voltaire saw a land with a more tolerant government, and freedom of religion as compared to France, which he saw as cruel and oppressive. Voltaire goes into detail,…show more content…
This is one of the many issues brought up in Letters on England that the French took as a slight towards themselves after the letters were published. I believe that Voltaire was so firm on his belief of a separation of religion and state because he himself was not a follower of any said religion. Although Voltaire was not an atheist as many believed him to be. Voltaire did not believe that a person did not have to be involved in any one religion to believe in God. Voltaire believed in a higher power one supreme, intelligent being but not in any one particular religion. Although there are aspects of the Anglicans that Voltaire does seem to disapprove of, he does believe the Anglicans to be more virtuous than the French Catholics; another insult to the French people. “In morals the Anglican clergy are more virtuous than the French, and this is why….They are not called to the higher positions in the church until very late in life and at an age when men have no other passion than avarice, when their ambition has little to feed on.” He goes on to talk about how positions in England rewarded for long services in not
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