Essay on Voltaire and the Beginning of the Enlightment

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Francis Marie Arouet was born on November 21, 1694 in Paris, France. As a child, Arouet grew up in an atmosphere that strictly obeyed the rules of the church. During this time, faith in the church was an obligation for everyone in society and the authority of the church was never questioned, for this would definitely mean instant death. Meanwhile, Arouet enrolled at the Jesuit College of Louis-Le-Grande where he excelled in academics especially his skills in writing. After his schooling, Arouet became noticed by much of the aristocracy for his writing and eventually was imprisoned for supposedly composing two offensive works, the Puerto Regnanto and J’aivu.1 While serving his confinement, he assumed the name de Voltaire. After choosing the …show more content…
While in Paris, Voltaire resumed writing numerous plays, many of which dictated against the injustices in the world. However before long, Voltaire fled the country again due to an essay he composed in England containing studies of great English philosophers and their ideas, called the English Letters. The book was condemned as "scandalously contrary to religion, morals and society," then burned publicly in Paris.4 Voltaire’s rebellious ideas were constantly threatened and attacked, his only response was more essays and letters more threatening and rebellious, digging himself into a deeper hole of trouble.

After fleeing from Paris and The English Letters, Voltaire landed himself in a distant part of France where he would meet his eventual wife Madame du Chatelet. Chatelet and Voltaire lived life in a similar sort of manner; they both were philosophers and found each very entertaining. Meanwhile, Voltaire attempted to regain the approval of the French and draw himself a position in the French Academy. With the help of Madame du Pompadour and Voltaire’s numerous fibs to the French society regarding his sacrilegious play Mahomet, he was finally elected member of the Royal Society in England and Germany placed him in the Hall of Fame.5 Yet, France still resisted his request as a member of the French Academy. Again, Voltaire fearlessly persisted and persuaded the Pope’s approval by

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