Voltaire's Accomplishments

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People are astonished at what this man has accomplished. Most people know this lad as Voltaire. Born François-Marie Arouet in November 21, 1694 in France, he started to linger around his uncle after the death of his mother when Voltaire was seven. In 1704 he attended the Collège Louis-le-Grand and showed his talent in writing. Among his greatest works came a book that came with Ideas from the enlightenment and the church rejected this. For a year, Voltaire was exiled to Tulle for mocking the duc d'Orleans. The following year when Voltaire had returned to France he was locked up for the reason of him writing against the ideas of the church. He was later sent to the bastille again in 1726 for arguing with the Chevalier de Rohan. He died May
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