Voltaire's Impact On Modern Day Government

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Could you imagine what a future would be like if these enlightened thinkers did not question society and government? Late 17th and 18th century in Europe, great thinkers known as philosophes, or philosophers, gathered in a salon to discuss social, political, religious, and economic questions that helped improve our society. Each one of these thinkers had a different point of view. Locke wanted the government to be by and for the people, Voltaire wanted everyone to tolerate each other no matter the religion, Wollstonecraft thought both men and women should have equal education, while Smith considered that all people should pursue their own future. These philosophers helped transform our modern day society, rights and government.

Locke contributed to help build our modern day government. Locke thought the
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Voltaire’s main idea was that everybody should respect and tolerate one another no matter the religion. In today's society, people respect each other due to Voltaire’s views. If voltaire didn't get his thoughts out, people might have been killing each other. Say there was two religion, if the two didn't respect each other's beliefs then all there would be is

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bloodshed. Voltaire makes a great point by saying we should at least tolerate one another, he's not saying we have to like them but we have to accept that they are in the same world as you.

Wollstonecraft was a big impact on today's education and women's rights. At the age of 19, Wollstonecraft left her house because of the unfairness in her household. She was angry that her brother got all the resources even though she was the oldest. She was an independent woman and was smart enough not to marry and be controlled by the husband. The education was unfair that she decided to start her own small school. That impacted us a lot because without her stepping up and starting her own school, women might not have education and equal rights as

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