Voluntary Negotiation Paper

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This study investigated the courses in which individuals created the method of remission in non-voluntary (family) associations. This article drew from the Relational Dialectics Theory (Baxter & Montgomery,) to further inspect other dialogic perspectives on absolution (e.g., Waldron and Kelley, 2008). Relational Dialectics is used to identify variations of discourse within each family relationship. This research examined the un-forgiveness issues in non-voluntary connections. The major aspects associated with the theory according to this article included voluntary and involuntary relationships. Voluntary is the ability to choose forgiveness or to cut a relationship. On the other hand, involuntary is the idea that forgiveness is an obligation.…show more content…
Results showed that participants did not verbalize their forgiveness. This research found that making the decision to forgive someone depended on whether the situation was caused within a family relation. These results assist in the comprehension of imparting forgiveness in non-voluntary relations extends our viewpoint on the complex way of families. Further research should be investigated based on verbal and non-verbal acts of forgiveness. Research was done so that we could better understand the discourse in a relationship due to lack of forgiveness. The research is also applied so that a better understanding of how forgiveness can be negotiated between participants. The goal of the research was to understand the cause of family problems. The research applies relational dialectic theory to help family members create long lasting relationships by explicitly giving forgiveness in the relationship within the family. After the study was complete, the researchers found that the participants honor commitment to having a relationship in the family. The researchers also found that the ability to verbally forgive is a decisive action and an intentional
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