Volunteering At A Nursing Home

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The cultural experience that I decided to participate in was volunteering at a nursing home. Hospice centers focus on the care of chronically or terminally ill patients. Volunteering at such a center would require training and certification and a clean bill of health. Nursing homes require similar training for some forms of volunteer service, however there are other options available that still allow direct interaction with residents. I chose to volunteer at the LakePoint Nursing and Rehabilitation Center that is located in my hometown. My goal was to directly engage with the residents there so that I could better understand their experiences and overcome my feelings of discomfort. I believe the reason I feel uncomfortable around elderly people is because of the stereotype that older adults are more likely to act socially inappropriate. This is most likely due to symptoms of dementia or loss of inhibitory ability due to aging. I have social anxiety disorder so I am always very conscious of my social interactions. Being around individuals who tend to be very blunt or rude is not an experience that I can handle very well. In addition to this, some elderly people who do not have this loss of inhibition tend to voice beliefs that are no longer socially acceptable and this is something that also trigger my anxiety. For example, my 89-year-old great grandmother has a habit of voicing her prejudices against other races, religions, and sexual orientations. These kinds of
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