Volunteering At The Boys & Girls Club

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Volunteer project For the volunteer project, I decided to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club. Volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club has been a great experience. Interacting with the children’s and trying to get to know them little by little has been real nice. Each child is unique in their own way. During my experience volunteering I noticed a couple things that related to what we learned in sociology. Its really hard not to relate anything to sociology anymore; everything seems to be connected. One of the concept I noticed while I was at Boys & Girls Club was the statues and roles. Each staff member had their own important roles that they played part in at B&G Club but the same status; their status was B&G club staff member. For example, Joe status was a staff member but a higher advanced one; Joe was the manager of the club. He had more important roles then the other staff members. Joe made sure everything was going in order. Another staff member is Jeff. Jeff’s role is less demanding. He just helps around Joe and make sure the kids are behaving. Each staff member had a different role they played. Either it was the manager. helping recreations, or small groups, they each put in a different part to help out. Even though I just mentioned about the staff members, the children have statues and roles too. The children statues are B&G club members, and their roles vary but mainly are just to socialize with the other members. It was interesting to see the roles that the
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