Volunteering At The Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home Essay

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Volunteering at the Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home over the summer was an invaluable experience. As I became more comfortable, I began extending my duties beyond physical tasks such as serving food or transporting residents. I started interacting with the residents on a more personal level, not as a volunteer, but more as a friend. In return, the residents became increasingly open, and the nurses watched as I conversed with residents they had deemed as reserved. Sometimes when I helped residents they would say nothing, but at the same time they said everything I needed to hear. I probably appreciated helping those residents, more than they appreciated me. Every night when I went to bed, I felt I had actually made a difference. This volunteering experience allowed me to realize that whatever I do in life, I want to go to sleep feeling the same way I did that summer. In a world filled with problems, why be an observer? I approach life with this mentality and for that reason am enticed by the problem solving and critical thinking abilities that engineers possess. More specifically, I am drawn towards bioengineering due to the influence that this area of study has on the medical field, and on the overall quality of life and health for humans. While the study of medicine can provide the ability to treat individuals, bioengineering can have a more universal impact, providing the ability to treat thousands with innovative medical technology. As a student who greatly values
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