Volunteering For Youth Organizations : Reasons Why Volunteers Do And Do Not

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Volunteering for youth organizations: The reasons why volunteers do and do not.

Chad Dean
Organizational Research
Brandman University

February 15, 2015

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Research questions 4
Research question one: What is the population base of youth volunteering within the community? 5
Research question two: What motivates someone to volunteer with an organization? 6
Research question three: What benefits do volunteers receive? 7
Research question four: Why do volunteers do not stay committed to their organization? 8
Conclusions 10
References 11-12


Previous research has often focused on relatively global outcomes such as sustaining volunteer work (e.g., Finkelstein,
Penner, & Brannick, 2005; Hidalgo & Moreno, 2009;
Omoto & Snyder, 1995), satisfaction with the volunteering experience (e.g., Clary et al., 1998; Davis,
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