Volunteering Motivations And Their Well Being

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An Integrative Research Paper On:
Summer 2015 Practicum at the American Red Cross
University of North Florida
Dr. Jody Nicholson
July 31, 2015
With considerable amounts of psychological research focused on volunteers, this paper will attempt to indicate and reiterate the motivations of volunteers in non-profit organizations through an integrative style of thinking. A lot of research is based on the well-being of a person in regards to their motivation, so this research paper will target the potentially important aspects a volunteer associates themselves with, with respect of their motivations and their well-being. No real research has been done, but through an internship at the American Red Cross, this will assist the integrative style of writing to produce helpful information for volunteers and their motivations.

INTRODUCTION For many years, millions of people have engaged in some kind of volunteering act that has contributed to a number of unimaginable hours of work. Of these people though, 49% have represented the adult population with a quarter of them having devoted their time to 5 or more hours per week for volunteering (the motivations to volunteer). These figures for volunteering have been inspiring for psychologists to seek and understand the instrumental factors that lead people to volunteer. Several arguments have been stirred throughout the years, but importantly,
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