Volvo & Cloud

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VCC is recognized as a technological innovator & leader. It has bolstered its reputation for safety with such innovations as pedestrian airbags and traffic start-stop while accounting for the future with next-generation technologies like road-trains & car-to-car communications. Judge how VCC (Volvo Car Corp.) integrated the Cloud Infrastructure into its networks Volvo Car Corporation (VCC) integrated the Cloud Computing Infrastructure into its networks. VCC entered into a technological partnership with another reputed company, Ericsson, which specializes in, inter-alia, third-party outsourcing with reference to ICT (Information & Communication Technology). VCC seeks to leverage Ericsson 's ICT experience in integrating the…show more content…
Issues accounted through the widespread data complex are sent to whoever requires obtaining them, in order to consume it abundantly. Early in the life of a component, any intricacies discovered save the company a fortune. VCC’s use of genuine knowledge communicated / received concerning a particular fact / circumstance helps maintain its place as one of the highest quality automobiles promoted. The real time environment of the understanding the company collects and then disseminates assists in keeping it ahead of its competition. How the Big Data strategy gives VCC a competitive advantage VCC acquires an intense competitive advantage over its competitors, having integrated cloud computing into its strategy for the future. Further, vehicles of the future will amalgamate & integrate the same level of digital services that consumers today are used to have in their homes or at work. Cloud computing is invariably a cost efficient method to use, maintain & upgrade. Traditional desktop software costs VCC substantially. Adding up licensing fees for multi-user permit is expensive for the business. The cloud, offered at rather inexpensive rates comparatively, significantly lowers the costs. Besides, there are many scalable options available, which make it very practical for VCC. Storing information in the cloud gives VCC an almost unlimited capacity. It needs not worry about running out of storage space or increasing its current storage
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