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Friedrich Von Schiller
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Schiller was born and raised in Germany. His father was an army surgeon. He went to school for medicine and law, but there was something about law that excited him. While attending Stuttgart Military Academy, he wrote his first play “The Robbers.” He got dismissed after leaving the army post without permission to see the opening of his play. The opening of the play was also influential to his life because it said “against Tyrants” and freedom was threatening to authority. He was exiled but until the end of his life he stayed true to his beliefs. He moved to Weimar in 1787 and had financial independence. Two years later he became a history professor. He was also granted the
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You can never know everything
2 What does the “spheres mystic dance” ( line 10) mean? What effect does this metaphor have on the poem? If you try you will succeed
3. How is the poem more classical than romantic? More romantic that classical? They are not together its about life.
4. What is the tone of this poem? How does Schiller achieve it? Dark and ominous, with his magical words and phrases.
1. He was pretty much saying that you read people like astronomers read stars. Thus the astronomer draws his figures over the heavens
2.Vehicles were way different way back in the day. My grandparents have vehicles with barely any technology, my parents got cars with cassette players but you could put a cd player in, my vehicles have way more technology and come with cd players. RELATED UNKNOWN SOUTH DAKOTA LITERARY DEVICES FOUND IN THE POEM

Assonance The repetition of vowel sounds in non-rhyming words (ship in distress)
There is no evidence of assonance in this poem, but there are key words such as gladden the eye, groups, grasp, and glorious which are forms of alliteration.
Consonance The repetition of consonant sounds within and at the ends of words (e.g. It is blunt and flat.) Often used with assonance, alliteration, and rhyme to create a musical quality, to emphasize certain words, or to unify a poem. There are no consonance in this poem.

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