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Amanda Gutierrez
Voodoo which means “spirit” in Fon, was born in the West African country of Benin and is practiced by more than 4 million believers. The origins are not well known but it is thought to have evolved from ancestor worship and animism. ‘While practitioners believe in only one true God they communicate with him through thousands of different spirits and shrines.” It is practiced in many different countries and although they all have for the most part the same beliefs some of their practices are different. Spirit possession occurs in the “Birth of Voodoo” when the daughter of a Voodoo priest is chosen to be a spirit medium. She is claimed by the Earth spirit, Sakpata, and is thought to be dead; she lies for three days without
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Also in “New World Voodoo” you see many people making the sign of the cross while chanting Voodoo chants and many people are wearing a crucifix. The man becoming possessed also says “the blood that you shed cleans your body, the way Christ did.” When African slaves were introduced to countries they had to make do with what they had and integrated with other religions around them. Over all I think Catholicism and Voodoo have more in common than most people

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