Voodoo In West Africa

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Voodoo in west Africa and its spread Via the slave trade
Vodun or Voodoo is common practice in Western Africa. People across West Africa. Togo, Ghana and Nigerian peoples hold similar beliefs. In Benin it is recognized as an official religion, followed by some 40% of the population. Over 60 million people practice Voodoo worldwide. Religions like Voodoo are found throughout South America, America, and Haiti. This is no accident. Voodoo traveled to these areas from West Africa on the boats carrying slaves who practiced these beliefs.

1. Voodoo can find its origins in west Africa
a. The exact origins of voodoo are unknown. Is generally agreed that its roots are in West Africa.
1. Modern day Benin is regarded as the birthplace of this religion and the name voodoo itself means “spirit” in the local Fon language.
2. It has been surmised that Voodoo in West Africa evolved from the ancient traditions of ancestor worship and animism.
3. The forms of Voodoo practiced today are the results of the African slave trade during the 16th through 19th centuries. (Brandstotter, 2015)
b. Slaves were captured from many different tribes throughout West Africa. These tribes shared several common core beliefs.
1. worship of the spirits of family ancestors; the use of singing, drumming and dancing in religious rituals.
2. belief the followers were possessed by immortal spirits.
2. Captured Africans were brought to the slave market where their belief in Voodoo was used to control

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