Voter Awareness

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Mahatma Ghandi once said that "My Notion of Democracy is that under it, the weakest should have the same opportunity as the strongest ' (The Free Dictionary, 2010, p2).

Ghandi 's struggle for freedom in India resulted in self-rule being granted to the people. We sing about freedom in our national anthem and we talk about it in everyday life. We fly our flag with pride and take advantage of the rights and freedoms that our country offers us. We must now walk proudly beside our fellow non indigenous Australians to carve out a new future that is equitable for all.

Why is it important to vote? This question has been asked throughout past and present. This question affects all Australians and is an important one for Indigenous people,
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These struggles and inequalities that our Ancestors endured still persist today. The continuing efforts and struggles of people such as Mitta Bullosh and Eddie Mabo serve to raise awareness of issues such as voting and land rights which work toward changing perceptions within society.

With our new found rights comes the need to be mindful of our civic responsibilities. By electing people who understand our indigenous history and who appreciate our cultural rights, knowledge, identity and language we can address indigenous issues and move forward to make a better country. By voting we can prevent history from repeating itself. We are equal to anyone else and have the right and the responsibility to uphold and strengthen what we believe in.

This issue 'is close to my heart as it is relevant to me as an indigenous Australian and also to my community. I believe we need to have indigenous representation in parliament, and participation in voting can change our future positively. Together we pave the road to future success. Indigenous youth who are involved in decision making will forge the way forward. To follow Neville Bonner 's path into politics could and should be the dream of many more of our people.

This can be achieved by encouraging ' schools to promote understanding through the teaching

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