Voting And Vote For Vote

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In America citizens have the right to vote if you are eighteen or older. A lot of people believe if you are eligible to vote then you should be required to vote. Another viewpoint is if you do not know what you are voting over and how it will affect our country then you should not vote. The last big viewpoint on voting is that people do not think their vote truly counts in the long run they think the electoral college takes the biggest amount of our votes. In 2012, just over half of the Americans eligible to vote actually voted with the Presidential Election. Many wonder if the statistics are that low because people do not care or if it is because they do not understand the political system enough to consider their vote worthy enough. Making voting required would cause people to vote for things that they have no interest in. If they do not have an interest in what they are voting for then, they will just randomly select something just so they do not get fined. Instead of researching and figuring out what is best for them and our country. One of the bases of this political system is individual freedom. This freedom extends to the process of voting. If people are required to vote, they will no longer feel they have freedom. Then, you will have people boycotting on voting because they will feel they are no longer living in a free country. They will no longer feel as if the have individual freedom in our country.
Many of the people who do not want to vote would choose to…

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