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Are you a registered voter? You might expect a high rate of voting in the United States. A lot of people – women, African Americans, and the poor – fought for the right to vote; certainly their descendents would want to exercise their right to vote. I want to discuss with you today the importance of voting. There are three important aspects of voting. The first aspect is the group of people that fail to vote, the second is why there is such a low turnout, and finally is the voters’ attitude. Voting should be a sacred right held by each American citizen. In fact, the voting turnout in the United States is remarkably low. A few years ago, over 100 countries were ranked on turnout; Americans were ranked
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Therefore, income is a basic factor in the turnout and education only a reinforcing factor.
According to the online Internet website in 1996, “Voting Statistics- West Virginia Party Registration,” the older we are the more likely we are to vote. Persons eighteen to twenty-four have a poor voting record. Also the longer we have lived in one area the more likely we are to vote. Based on general election figures in WV registration has dropped from 1,084,451 in 1976 to 970,745 in 1996.
The second aspect of voting is why there is such a low turnout. According to O’Conner & Sabato in the 1995, American government: Roots and reform, there is no getting around the fact that the United States has the lowest voter participation rate of any nation in the industrialized world, and it has declined somewhat. Only about half the eligible voters voted in the 1988 general presidential election and 55 percent in 1992, compared with 62 percent in 1960. In contrast, turnout for the British postwar elections has fluctuated between 72 and 84 percent.
There are a number of reasons for low voting turnouts in the U.S. First, unlike the United States some nations have compulsory voting laws; not surprising they only enjoy voter turnout rates in excess of 95 percent. In some nations citizens pay a tax if they do not vote.
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