Voting In Texas Essay

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From the PowerPoint “Thinking Critically about Elections in Texas” it says that in 2014 only 33.4 percent of all eligible voters exercised their right to vote. This means that Texas has a very low voting rate, which can affect Texas in the long run. Why is it that Texas has such a low voting turnout? Why are people not participating? The same PowerPoint suggest that maybe it is because of the vast number of elections or maybe when they schedule voting times. There is being millions of dollars spent on campaigns and such to get the word out and get people involved but Texas voters are still not voting! I believe that many people in Texas do not care to vote because of apathy and the majority see a system that is corrupt, full of lies and…show more content…
We gripe and complain about the laws that we live with and say we want change, but without using the power to vote, those in office will continue to push forward their own agendas. This is something nonvoters need to realize. People need to be encouraged and educated more on how they have a voice and that every vote matters.
Several countries have mandatory voting for its citizens. Is it something the United States should pursue? Mandatory voting would definitely increase the percentage of votes cast. It would make voting a duty and no longer a right. With most people who vote straight party this would be an advantage to the party who has appeased the most voters as they would come in and cast the quickest vote by straight line voting. It could be possible that knowing you had to vote, one may take more interest in learning more about candidates or constitutional amendments that are on the ballots. However, I am in favor of the opposing view. I think it is a right and privilege and should not be forced upon a person. If you force people to do something they don’t want to do then the you will reap the results. You will have uniformed voters become the majority and making decisions for the country. The politicians base will no longer be the main concern as they now will have to make a push for the politically uneducated voter which will be more about what they can give them than policy issues. This also makes what the
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