Voting Is A Civic Duty

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Many may concede that voting is a civic duty; however, researching the candidate you vote for is necessary to be an informed voter. I would include that as an obvious corollary to the basic duty. However, one shouldn’t conclude that voters with whom one disagrees are necessarily ignorant and uninformed except to the extent that we all are in certain ways. I’d much rather have an apathetic non-voter than an apathetic voter. I am not talking here about people who don’t vote on principle, but on people who are not voting because they have no interest in political social issues. We overcome apathy by staying informed. Reading a local newspaper, following social media, or watching the news on television helps to build the connective tissue among us and helps to reinforce the words in the Constitution that “We the People” matter-- that we are indeed a "we" and are all in this together. And that "we" are responsible for speaking up in the face of injustice.
In regard to gathering information or transparency, the 2016 election process taught us that the mainstream media were no longer the watchdogs that we rely on for uncovering errors and wrongdoings by those who have power; ergo, journalists climbed into bed with those they are supposed to be watching. Apparently, many in the media are grappling with their own souls and journalistic integrity. Recently Obama accused FOX News for the Democratic Presidential defeat stating that, “Fox news in every bar and restaurant in big
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