Voting Is Not A Requirement For The American Citizen

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Though voting is not a requirement for the American citizen, all citizens should practice this democratic tradition because voting allows the people to have a say in who or what represents them, that every vote counts, and to put it simply, voting is not mandatory but it is a right that many few people in the world have. In light of the recent presidential nominations, some Americans do not want to vote simply because they are not a fan of the candidates - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Most people are not impressed with either candidate - as Clinton, though quite qualified for office, is noted by some to be a “... proven, verifiable liar.” (Crowder) and Trump is seemingly no better as according to Thomas P. Miller, a health care policy expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, “...his hair has been more permanent than his political positions…” (Miller). Even if neither candidate fits the bill of a perfect president, it does not mean that this election should be thrown away entirely in fact it makes it even more significant to vote than at any other time. The presidential elections are astronomically important, as they not only decide who the next leader of the country is, but also who is the face of the American people, so it is extremely significant that they voice their opinions - even if they may not like the options. Essentially every election for President of the United States is hugely significant, not only for the country, but for the world.
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