Voting Of The United States

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Voting is possibly one of the greatest civic duties that individuals can do for their government; by going out and intellectually voting for a candidate that represents themselves and those like-minded. However, it has become tradition in the United States for the American youth to vote in far less numbers compared to the rest of the eligible voters. According to a study done by Harvard University, young adults have not only have lower voter participation compared to the older population, but their participation had been gradually falling overall from 1968 to 2004. Consequently, this long standing practice has led to issues with underrepresentation of America’s youth and in my opinion has aided in the gradual fall of voter participation overall now and will lead to an even increased fall in the future. The youth of America make up about a quarter of the eligible voters in the United States (Taylor), but approximately only twenty percent of those young adults actually go out and vote. Which as a result leaves only about five percent of young Americans actually voting in election and selecting candidates that they feel represent their values and social concerns. This usually low voting turnout rate of young Americans in past and present elections is a concern for the nation because it leaves young adults vastly without representation. Due to the fact that most politicians do not have to worry about appealing to young voters as result of their low levels of electoral
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