Vsm Method

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تطبيق على VSM systems

على كيس شركة ABF
Analysis of five internal VSM systems within ABF, gives me a clear view that these five internal VSM systems could help a company to manage complexity.
The five internal VSM systems within ABF organization are:
System 1: Operations
There are there are three operational unites identified: Warehouse, transport and manufacturing unites of food products.
System 2: Stability
It is completely absent that the food market is filled with other competitors who alert the stability of the system, some new and sudden constants as the new produces launched or fluctuation of market and customer demands may interpret the flow of work and then cash flow affection and can't be prevented.
System 3:
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* Company has enormous freedom to choose its employees, it has the capacity to select and decide its behavior at the limit it doesn't threaten a larger system or its strategy, this gives its sub-systems much autonomy as possible as that they absorb environmental variety as possible leaving management with a smaller residual variety to match, it gives employees the autonomy they need to solve their problems and take opportunities but employees don't know how and why this figured of budget is outlined, sales department has another additional limit placed on their autonomy.

Conclusion on using VSM for managing complexity:
It known that every subsystem within viable system is itself a viable system, they all have the same generic VSM structure, so we can divide the complexity
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