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Company G 1-Year Marketing Plan Student Name: Nicholas Paramo Student ID: 000281718 Date: 9/1/2015 Student Mentor Name: Janaina Scannell Table of Contents Consumer Product Classification 3 Analysis of Competition using Porter’s Five Forces Model 4 Strengths 5 Weaknesses 6 Opportunities 6 Threats 6 Product Objective 7 Price Objective 7 Place Objective 7 Promotion Objective 7 Product Strategies 8 Price Strategies 8 Place Strategies 8 Promotion Strategies 8 Product Action Plan 9 Price Action Plan 9 Place Action Plan 9 Promotion Action Plan 10 Introduction Company G is introducing one of our best products ever. Our new product, the JAM Classic Boombox, will allow our…show more content…
Company G Mission Statement “Company G allows our customers to enhance their social lives by providing high-quality, forward thinking electronics devices.” Consumer Product Classification According to the Consumer Goods Classification, the JAM Classic Boom box would fall into the shopping category of the three-way consumer classification system. This item would not be purchased as frequently and costs a bit more than a convenience item, though will last a significantly longer time then one also. Because of these reasons our customers will spend a greater amount of time comparing multiple audio device items until they finally conclude that the JAM Classic Boom box is the best that money could buy. Because our product falls in the shopping category, Company G will utilize a specialized marketing and promotions effort to have the most bang for our buck. (Consumer Goods Classification, 2014) Target Market Our guys down in market research told us that the JAM Classic Boom box will be well received. They saw that what we need to aim for are tech savvy kids and the young adults. These people are very active social life and always waiting for those midnight blowout sales for the latest technology thing. The guys also told us that these

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