Vulcan Crisis Essay

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Long ago, in 323 B.C, Vulcan was in a crisis because there was no room left in Mount Olympus to make all of his beautiful sculptures and make weapons for the other gods. The only way to keep creating sculptures is to create them somewhere else, Earth, but Vulcan was extremely reluctant to the idea of working on Earth. The gods haven't been on Earth for thousands of years and didn’t know what to expect. Vulcan also tried to not disturb wildlife or any early towns around Egypt, so Vulcan decided to create a new landform far away from any civilization.
Vulcan slowly made his way down to the Atlantic Ocean, in the area between Modern day Brazil and the coast of West Africa, and asks Neptune for help. He proposed, "Neptune, will you please help me make
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After creating his new design, he told Neptune his idea and how it worked. Neptune started to began building Vulcan’s idea.

This time, the new landform did not fall apart within only the first week, it stayed up for many years and allowed Vulcan to create many beautiful masterpieces, weapons, and armor pieces. Neptune then started to realize that Vulcan had the better idea. From the point on, Neptune took other people’s advice and actions into consideration. Honoring his deal with Neptune, Vulcan started to make Atlantis and gave his new weapon to Neptune. When Vulcan gave him his gifts Neptune was speechless and had nothing to say but “Thank you”. “Why did you still give me this after me not listening to your idea?” Neptune asked. “You helped me build the new islands and I wanted to thank you even though we got into an argument,”responded Vulcan. Ever since there delusion, Neptune and Vulcan shared ideas with each other every time they crossed paths with a new dilemma. Neptune still feels like he owes Vulcan for his new Trident and his underwater palace, Atlantis.These gifts both resemble Neptune and Vulcans
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