Vulnerability of Project Management Life Cycle (Pmlc) Model

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The five PMLC models according to Wysocki are as follows: 1. Linear PMLC model 2. Incremental PMLC model 3. Iterative PMLC model 4. Adaptive PMLC model 5. Extreme PMLC model Linear PMLC Model: This is one of the Traditional Project Management (TPM) method, it consist of the five process group, each performed once in the sequence: Scoping> Planning > Launching > Monitoring and Controlling> Closing. The final deliverable is not released until the closing process group is executed. (Wysocki, 2009:345). It is used in a project where the goal and solution are clearly defined and there will be no need for many scope change requests, such project is usually repetitive and routine. Examples of such project is the production of yarn in the…show more content…
Incremental PMLC Model: When testing a product in the market, this second TPM method is very useful. Assuming a factory that produce certain detergent, discover that there can actually add a better effect such as the ability to wash brighter, without bleaching the fabric, to their detergent. The need to test the market with the new product is paramount, under such situation, while in the course of production, the first batch can be used to test the market, if the final consumer find it useful and the demand become high, they can go on and reproduce more in the same project. By so doing, the full solution is divided into sub solutions, hence, scope change request is allowed by this model, this is what majorly differentiates it from the linear model. It is designed to enable client to gain a foot hole in a market or enhance their leverage in an existing market, for it consist of a number of dependent increment that are completed in a prescribed sequence, each increment includes a launching, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing Process Group for the functions and features in that increment only. This model give room for product improvement and it is more focused on client value than linear.(Wysocki, 2009:365) It is time consuming, and requires much of client involvement, with continual handoff of documentation between

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