Vulnerable Adults

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Unit 11 Safeguarding adults and promoting independence. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Task 1 P1: Describe forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults. Provide 5 types of abuse (e.g. Physical, Psychological, Sexual, Financial, Neglect) Forms of abuse in adults can include: • Physical - Such as: Hitting, Pushing, Hair-pulling, Pinching, Inappropriate restraint, Shaking, Misuse of medication, or Scalding. • Psychological - Such as: Blaming, Humiliation, verbal abuse, Threats of harm or abandonment; harassment, Prevention from receiving services or support, Deprivation of social or any other form of contact, Controlling, Intimidation. •…show more content…
As this is a distinction task you will be required to make reference to sources other than the text book. Psychological effects Case Study Frank calls his daughter on his cell phone stating that his wife gets upset when she sees phone numbers from his children on the landline caller ID. Frank is an 81-year-old widower who remarried 12 years ago. In the sixth year of marriage, Frank needed open-heart and bypass surgery, was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, peripheral neuropathy, and has pain that is difficult to manage. During this time, Frank’s personality changed insidiously from a lively conversationalist with many interests, to a somewhat solemn recluse with limited direct contact with his children and friends. Was this due to his change in health or due to the change in the dynamic of his marriage from husband and wife to elder patient and caregiver? Frank’s daughter is extremely upset by this phone call. Frank makes excuses for his wife’s behaviour, such as, “She is cranky because she doesn’t eat breakfast” or “I’m such a burden.” The daughter realizes that immediate action needs to be taken before the situation gets worse. Frank’s daughter finds herself in a difficult situation. She does not want to call Adult Protective Services (APS) as she feels that action will permanently damage her relationship with her father. She decides to call one of Frank’s
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