Vulnerable Adults

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UK Health and Social Care System with the effect of policies and legislations in England Health care system Contents Title 1 Introduction 3 Literature review 3 Conclusion 9 References 11 Introduction Health service is defined as a top most service that is related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, or the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health (Capezuti, Siegler and Mezey, 2007). There are personal and non personal health services. In UK, National Health Service (NHS) launched in the year 1948. Now it is the world’s largest publically funded health service. The health service in NHS is adorned with efficiency and comprehensive to provide maximum help and support for the needed people. Social care is…show more content…
The community care is aimed to offer help and support for both the vulnerable adult and their carer. The first step is to provide help for vulnerable adults is the recognition of him. Since the lacking of collaboration with multi agency and resources in majority of the local authorities and primary care trusts it would be unrecognised with the arrangements or referrals for the assessments related to needs (Baggett, 1989). This problem takes place with the lack of information and knowledge of the care providers since they are lacking of knowledge with the present legislation. It leads to more spending and needless action to provide maximum help and support for the vulnerable adults in the needed time. Most of the vulnerable adults are unaware of the help that is to be provided; there should be an immediate action to prevent this situation from worsening. Most of the adults are too proud seeking their help and needs from the care providers (Backhaus, 2011). For example, the visitors of the adults in hospital give the more support to offer help and support from the care providers. But there are some adults those who are avoided especially in majority of situation and their condition is getting worsening. Section 46 of the National Health Service and community care act 1990
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