Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper

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Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper Leah Robertson June 19, 2012 NUR/440 Sharon When thinking about vulnerable populations, individuals, and families there are so many different keys that affect what makes a person vulnerable. Being aware of the attitudes, stereotypes, demographics, and financial aspects that make a certain population or person vulnerable can be a valuable lesson in being a nurse. Using a population from episode one in the neighborhood I would like to identify why I felt this particular population was vulnerable and my perceptions before and after the research that I have done. I feel that episode one had a good variety of different situations within one small area, starting with a predominantly white…show more content…
Clifford has an extensive family history of depression including suicide, and benign prostatic hypertrophy, but he has a very negative outlook of mental health feeling the need to hide it. Clifford is in a higher management positions with a fairly stressful job, does not take medications for depression and does not see a therapist. Clifford is vulnerable for Attempting suicide due to stress and his family history, he is in the highest bracket for white men at 64-years of age. Clifford does have a supportive wife, Pam, that does her best to be there to help Clifford during the harder times, but she is spread thin in dealing with her son, Gary. Even though she is very well rounded putting time into her hobbies and being healthy women, she can still become over stressed taking care of both men in her life. Putting so much energy into making sure that her son is well taken care of, and not knowing what help there is for this type of situation. There are options that the family doesn’t know about, starting with out patient mental health for Clifford, this could also include going with the whole family so that Clifford can feel more comfortable about his depression. This will also give Clifford time and help in explaining to his family why he feels this way and what they can do as a family to have less stress. There is also a family health care assisted living
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