Vulnerable Populations

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Vulnerable Populations: Domestic Violence Victims

University of Phoenix Domestic violence is something that haunts our society, and has done so for a long time. Critical thinking must be used when dealing with such large scale issues, and domestic violence is no different. The causes and issues with domestic violence are complex, taking an in depth look and truly analyzing the problem is necessary in understanding the problem and making a difference. This paper will discuss domestic violence in depth, in order to use critical thinking to evaluate the problem. First, this paper will examine the history of domestic violence. Next, the social problems and issues experienced with domestic violence will be discussed. Also,
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This abuser can pass these issues on to children and relatives, by them witnessing the shocking behavior. Many children who are from domestic violence relationships are neglected, and are prone to replicate the behavior, now and later on in life. While many factors that can predisposition a person to be prone to domestic violence, there are no specific demographics of domestic violence. Intervention Strategies Intervention strategies are going full force in order to help this problem. Ever since domestic violence became recognized as a major issue, many different intervention strategies have been put in place. One of the biggest intervention strategies being used is prevention. Prevention consists of mostly education, and raising awareness of the problem. Doing this can make an impact on some, who may be in a relationship that could be close to domestic violence, or show those who may become abusers that they need help. This can be very effective, and puts the issue out there, for people to understand. When a problem is lower key, like domestic violence has been in the past, people seek out less help, and understand the problem a great deal less. Another major intervention strategy is supporting domestic violence victims in getting help, and standing up for themselves. This method is called disclosure, and the goal of this is to get victims the help and assistance they need, by

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